Fireplace – Cleaning and Sealing

At Tile Doctor we see Fireplace in most houses, however as with any natural stone it needs to be sealed to protect it and bring out its beauty and colour.

One of the biggest problems we find with fireplace in homes is that the sealer applied is stripped away by the continuous use of cleaning agents not designed for this type of surface.

Stone Fireplace During Cleaning Brighton Stone Fireplace After Cleaning Brighton

Fireplace Maintenance

Apply Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel Tile & Grout cleaner with a brush to the surround, hearth and wall plate, leave to dwell for 25 minutes then clean with soft and hard brushes depending of level of staining.
If further cleaning is required repeat above process using harder brushes until dirt has been removed and increase Oxy-Gel dwell time. If further cleaning is required try using Tile Doctor Diamond Blocks, starting with a green 60 grit , ( spray water on the surface to clean with each block ) then use the 100 black Grit, followed by the red 200 and yellow 400 grit, and again rinsed off with water, the Diamond blocks are very good at working into edges and corners where dirt and muck can lay in place, make sure you cover the whole surface to be cleaned with each block with special emphasis on using the green block first as this will remove scratches’, trapped dirt, soot etc.
Rinse off with water and soft sponges to remove any cleaning solution and soil, then extract moisture using a wet vacuum, allow to dry for 12 hours or more before sealing.
For a natural look finish use a single coat of Tile Doctor Ultra-Seal which works really well on light coloured stone; alternately use Tile Doctor Colour Grow to enhance the look of dark coloured stone.  Both are matt sealers and suitable for use on Wood, Gas or Coal burning fireplace’s and stoves.

Most sealers break down after 2-3 years (depending on usage and cleaning products used) so for regular cleaning use a sealer friendly cleaning product such as Neutral Tile Cleaner which has been especially formulated for the regular cleaning of Sealed Stone and Tile surfaces keeping them fresh with a pleasant mint scent.


Don’t attempt to reseal these types of tiles yourself. Seek professional help as you will need experience, machinery and the correct products and procedure in order to take out scratches, marks and re-polish.  Your local Tile Doctor would be happy to advise you on this, you contact them via the following web page:

Tile Doctor Oxy-Gel Tile Doctor Neutral Tile Cleaner Tile Doctor Ultra Seal Tile Doctor Colour Grow Tile Doctor Hand Burnishing Blocks

Photographs of Fireplaces cleaned by Tile Doctors working around the country.

Removing Candle Wax Staining from Quarry Tiled Fireplace in Rochdale
Wax Damaged Quarry Tiled Fireplace Surround During Cleaning Rochdale Wax Damaged Quarry Tiled Fireplace Surround After Cleaning Rochdale
Restoring a 200 Year Old Fireplace in Lingfield, Surrey
Stone Fireplace Before Cleaning Lingfield Stone Fireplace After Cleaning Lingfield
Removing Stains from a Limestone Fireplace Hearth in Chelmsford
Limestone Fireplace Showing Flood Staining Chelmsford Limestone Fireplace After Flood Stain Removal Chelmsford
Restoring Flood Damage to a Limestone Fireplace
Floor Damaged Limestone Fireplace Hearth Before Cleaning Floor Damaged Limestone Fireplace Hearth After Cleaning
Restoring a Dirty Limestone Fireplace in Oxford
Limestone Fireplace Before Cleaning Oxford Limestone Fireplace After Cleaning Oxford
Removing Red Wine Stains from a Limestone Fireplace
Limestone Fireplace Before Wine Stain Removal Woking Limestone Fireplace After Wine Stain Removal Woking
Sandstone Fireplace Preston Before Cleaning Sandstone Fireplace Preston After Cleaning
Marble Fireplace Before Cleaning Bedford Marble Fireplace After Cleaning Bedford
Stone Fireplace Before and After Cleaning East Byfleet
Oyster Slate Fireplace Before Installation Wawne Oyster Slate Fireplace After Sealing Wawne
Quarry Tiled Fireplace before cleaning and sealing Bedford Quarry Tiled Fireplace after cleaning and sealing Bedford
Stone Fireplace Before Restoration Stone Fireplace After Restoration
stained slate fireplace hearth Boars Hill Before stained slate fireplace hearth Boars Hill After
Thame Sandstone Fireplace Before Cleaning Thame Sandstone Fireplace After Cleaning
Oyster Slate Fireplace Before Installation Hull Oyster Slate Fireplace After Sealing Hull